About Us

An ISO TS/ 16949 certified company, Autoform is a Leading Provider of Premium Quality Car Seat Covers in India. With our Experience of over 30 Years in the Industry, the company is highly skilled and is equipped with the best of facilities to match all High Quality Production Standards. Our Plant at Dehradun, Uttrakhand is spread over an area of 2,20,000 Sq. Feet and boasts of State of the Art Machinery such as the German CNC Auto Cutter and Japanese Automatic Stitching Machines.

Autoform’s Philosophy of constantly delivering the best is taken care of with the help of our Products Durability, Products Comfort and Products Attractiveness. Use of Superior Quality PU/PVC, High Density Foam and High Quality Threads has always been adding value to our Products. Not only this, in our relentless approach to execute the best, Autoform has been able to earn itself a Range of Reputed Clients such as Honda, M&M, Hyundai, General Motors, Fiat, Nissan, Volkswagen, Yamaha, Skoda, Mahindra Renault, Tata, Suzuki, Carnation, Reliance & Car Plus.

“Our combination of craftsmanship and creativity give our designs unique looks that are well executed”.

So Autoform offers its clients products that are:

  • Manufactured from High Quality Raw Materials 
  • Products created to ensure Durability and Perfect Fit
  • Are Attractively Designed
  • Suitable for varied types of Vehicle
  • Involves High Skilled Labour

Autoform’s Constant Endeavour to innovate itself in developing newer designs and products at its own design studios and with regular dedication by its team in delivering products that have a mass appeal, will always give the market products that stand out at all levels.